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    Non-springing hi-density annealed cast iron frame

    Up or down stroke action in one tool

    Execution of all reloading jobs, including bullet swaging

    Three station loading operation to eliminate changing of dies

    Right or left handed press operation

    Advanced design action

The pacific Super Mag Reloading tool was designed to accommodate the needs of the reloader who loads considerable amounts of ammunition in many calibers.  The mag incorporates three station loading.  You do not have to interchange dies during the reloading operation.

One of the unique advantages of the Super Mag is the advanced design of the up or down stroke action.  The links incorporated in the tool are attached to the top of the frame.  When in operation, this will create a force downward on the dies equal to the upward force of the rams.  This type of action keeps the dies in perfect concentricity with the rams at all times.


The Pacific Mag is a highly versatile reloading tool.  By following the simple procedure outlined below, you can easily change your tool to either up or down stroke action, whichever is desired.  It is easily operated by a left or right handed person.

1.  Remove handle (SM-1)

2.  Remove locking plates (SM-6) located on both links (SM-5) by removing screws (9-1212B)

3.  Remove link pin (SM-11)

4.  Unthread set screw located on toggle block and remove toggle pin (SM-8)

5.  Reverse toggle block (SM-12) and reassemble links and link pin.  (See Fig. 2)  Replace lock plate (SM-6) and tighten.

6.  Place rams into slots provided in toggle block and insert toggle pin (SM-8), making sure the slot milled in pin corresponds with set screw located in toggle block.

7.  Replace handle into hole provided (See fig. 3)


Your Pacific Super Mag reloading tool comes complete with shell holder rams, toggle block and primer arm completely assembled, except for the handle.

The instructions below are for reloading rifle cartridges with the Pacific two-die rifle set.  When using the three-die pistol set, the sizing, expanding, and decapping is done with separate dies.

  1. Securely mount your Pacific tool on a sturdy bench.

  2. Install essential reloading parts - shell holder heads, reloading dies and automatic primer feed if desired.

  3. Clean and inspect ALL cases to be loaded.  Lubricate all cases with Pacific case sizing lubricant.  Do not lubricate excessively since this may cause bent or buckled cases.

  4. Place case to be reloaded in shell holder head and move handle causing shell holder to force case into sizing die.  This operation removes old primer and resizes fired cases to correct dimensions.

  5. Pace proper size primer into primer arm cup, base down.  Push primer arm all the way into slot in shell holder.

  6. Move handle in opposite direction to remove resized case form size die.  This operation also reprimes cases.  Allow primer arm to move back into original position.  Continue movement of handle to remove case from size die, expanding neck.

  7. Check case length, and trim with Pacific case trimmer if necessary.

  8. Charge case with proper amount of powder using one of Pacific's powder measures or powder scales.

  9. Place charged case into proper shell holder opposite seating die, and place bullet over mouth of case.  Move handle causing shell holder to push case and bullet into seating die; this operation seats bullets.

  10. Remove all lubricant from cartridge before firing.

When swaging bullets use the middle station in the Super Mag Press.  This is advisable because of the ease of accessibility to the ram, when handling the smaller swaged bullets.


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