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Operating Instructions


To change direction of movement of handle:

1.  Loosen handle lock nut (SS-5), remove handle (SS-4) from toggle block (SS-3).

2.  Remove cross pin clip (9-G24) and crosspin (SS-6).  Entire toggle and shell holder assembly will then slip down and out of tool.

3.  Remove link pin from shell holder and reverse shell holder on link.  Replace link pin in shell holder.  Rotate complete toggle assembly one half turn and replace in tool, following reverse of above procedure.


1.  Your Pacific Standard "C" Tool must be securely mounted on a sturdy bench and essential reloading parts, shell holder, primer arm, and reloading dies installed.

2.  Clean and inspect cases to be loaded.  Lubricate all cases with Pacific Case Lubricant

3.  Place case into shell holder and move operating lever causing shell holder to force case into sizing die.  This operation removes old primer and resizes fired case to correct dimensions.

4.  Place proper size primer into primer arm cup, push primer arm all the way into the slot in shell holder.  Move operating lever in opposite direction to remove resized case from size die.  This operation also reprimes case.  Allow primer arm to move back into original position.  Continue movement of operating lever to remove case from size die and expand neck.

5.  Check case length, and trim with Pacific Case Trimmer if necessary.  Chamfer inside and outise of case mouth with Pacific Chamfering and Deburring tool, after each trimming.

6.  Charge case with proper amount of powder using Pacific powder measure or powder scale.

7.  Replace size die with bullet seating die.

8.  Place charged case into shell holder and place bullet over mouth of case.  Move operating lever causing shell holder to push case and bullet into seating die.  This operation seats bullet.

9.  Remove all lubricant from cartridge before firing.

These instructions cannot cover the entire process of reloading metallic cartridges.  Proper instruction by someone who is experienced in this type of reloading will be of great help.  If help of this type is not available, it is suggested that you purchase one of the many reliable handbooks now available at nominal cost. 


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