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Since the first Pacific 'C'-frame press was introduced and patented in 1928, the superior performance and enjoyable operation of Pacific preses have made them favorites of shooting sportsmen everywhere.  And today's Power 'C' continues the tradition.

With a price that appealed to beginners and performance that satisfied most discriminating handloaders, the Power 'C' was the best all-around reloading press for most shooters.

The Power 'C' will custom-load rifle and pistol ammunition specifically tailored to your guns and your kind of shooting - so your handloaded ammunition actually can be superior in performance to factory ammunition, while saving you about 2/3 in ammunition costs!  In addition, you can use the Power 'C' to form "wildcat" and hard-to-get cartridges from other brass cases.

Modern, high-strength materials give the power 'C' plenty of strength to handle modern, magnum-size reloading operations...with the precision to match the exacting requirements of custom handloading.  Pacific innovations, like the universal primer arm and the removable head shell holder ram, make it easy to reload different sizes of cartridges with the same press.  And the Pacific-pioneered 7/8"-14 frame threads mean that the versatile Power 'C' will accept nearly all dies and accessories.

Strength and Precision:  New type high-density cast iron frame permits using convenient 'C' design without sacrificing strength.  Frame positively will not "spring."  Pins of hardened tool steel give lifetime precision.

Large Opening:  A prime advantage of the 'C' design.  Extra-wide openin makes it much easier to insert and remove cartridges, lets you place bullets in the case mouth without cramping your fingers, and makes it easier to change shell holders and primer cups.  And the large opening lets you load the long rifle magnums, the short pistol cartridges, and everything in between.

Offset Handle:  Lets you sit closer to the press - directly in front if you desire - for more convenience.  Handle operates with natural downstroke action, and spring loaded detent holds handle in "up" position for convenience and safety.

1986 Costs:

Power 'C' (Complete Press (does not include dies, primer catcher or shell holder).)


Power 'C' Package (Just add a Pacific Mesur-Kit or Pistol Powder Measure and you'll have everything needed to start reloading.  Includes Power 'C' press, complete set of Durachrome Dies, Primer Catcher, and removable head Shell Holder)


Power 'C' Package...with Carbide Expander


Your Pacific POWER "C" reloading tool is an improved and strengthened design of Pacific"s original patented basic "C" type tool.  The heavy duty "C" type frame is of high density cast iron to assure perfect die/shell alignment and take the pressure needed for case forming and bullet swaging.

New convenient offset handle gives maximum leverage and locks out of the way in the up position when not in use.

The Power "C" uses Pacific hardened removable shell holder heads, and is designed to use the Pacific patented primer system and universal primer arm.  Tool head accepts standard 7/8 x 14 dies, originally pioneered by Pacific.

To aid in your reloading operation.  Pacific makes a full line of reloading accessories including scales, powder measures, and other related items.

With reasonable care, your new Pacific Power "C" will give you a lifetime of trouble-free operation.


1.  Mount your Power "C" Tool securely to a strudy bench.  Install shell holder in ram and fasten in place with shell holder clip.  Turn holder so that opening is toward the side for ease of inserting the case.

2.  If automatic priming is to be used, fill primer tube and place in automatic primer feed body.  Make sure primers and primer post and cup are correct size for the cartridges you are loading.  Install size die and adjust according to directions supplied with die set.

3.  Clean, inspect and lubricate cases with pad or rag containing Pacific Case Sizing Lubricant.  Do not lubricate excessively or lubricate neck of case as it will tend to wrinkle or buckle case.  Under lubrication can cause stuck case in size die.

4.  Place lubricated case into shell holder and move operating lever down, forcing the ram upwards and the case into the die.  This removes the old primer and resizes the case (2-die sets.)  With 3-die sets, the resizing and depriming are done in separate operations.

5.  With ram in full up position, push primer arm into slot of ram and lower ram so that primer seats in the cartridge case.  Care should be taken so that primer is seated fully without applying excessive pressure to the primer.  After cartridge is primed, raise ram slightly and return primer arm to original position.  Exercise care when raising ram so that the deprime punch does not contact new primer and partially deprime case.

6.  Check case length (for cases to be crimped) and trim with Pacific Case Trimmer or File Type Trimmer Die.  Chamfer inside and deburr outside of case mouth with Pacific Chamfering and Defurring tool, and wipe case free of all lubrication with a clean dry cloth.

7.  Charge case with proper amount of powder using Pacific Deluxe powder Measure or Pacific Powder Scale.  Refer to Hornady Reloading Manual or other reliable source to determine proper components and charge for your particular cartridge.

8.  Replace size die with bullet seating die and adjust according to die instruction sheet.  Insert charged case into shell holder and place bullet over moth of case.  Move operating lever down, raising ram upwards and forcing case into die.  If die is properly adjusted, the bullet will be seated and case will be crimped.  (Pacific bullet seating dies can be adjusted to crimp case or seat bullets without crimping during the seating operations.)


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