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Your Pacific Deluxe "prO" reloading tool is designed to fulfill the needs of the reloader who requires an exceptionally sturdy reloading tool with an extra measure of built-in convenience.

The Deluxe "prO" Tool uses standard Pacific removable-head shell holder heads, all Pacific and other brand 7/8-14 dies.

Operating of the Deluxe "prO" is in down stroke only.  The tremendous leverage gained by use of the swinging toggle assures minimum physical effort for all reloading operations.  The open front "O" type frame, built-in automatic primer feed and primer catcher, located at the rear of the tool, combined to provide the maximum in operating convenience.


1.  Your Pacific Deluxe "prO" Tool must be securely mounted on a sturdy bench.  Correct shell holder and dies should be installed and adjusted according to instructions supplied with die set.  If automatic priming is to be used, fill proper size primer tube and place in automatic primer feed.  Also, remove manual feed stop screw from primer arm.

2.  Clean and inspect cases to be loaded.  Lubricate all cases with Pacific Case Size Lubricant.

3.  Place case into shell holder.  Move operating lever causing shel holder to force case completely into sizing die.  This operation removes old primer and resizes fired case to correct dimensions.

4.  With ram in full up position, priming is accomplished by pressing primer arm to the right until adjustable knob comes to rest against side of casting.  Then, move operating handle to lower ram and seat primer in case.  (See adjustment instructions for primer arm adjustment.)

5.  Check case length, trim with Pacific Case Trimmer if necessary.  After trimming, chamfer insie and deburr outside of case mouth with Pacific Chamfering and Deburring Tool.

6.  Charge case with proper amount of powder using Pacific Powder Measure or Powder Scale.

7.  Replace size die with bullet seating die and adjust according to instructions supplied with die set.

8.  Place charged case into shell holder and place bullet over mouth of case.  Move operating lever causing shell holder to push case and bullet into seating die.  This operation seats bullet and crimps case mouth if desired.

9.  Remove all lubricant from cartridge before firing.

These instructions cannot cover the entire process of reloading metallic cartridges.  Proper instruction by someone who is experienced in this type of reloading will be of great help.  If help of this type is not available, it is suggested that you purchase one of many reliable handbooks available at nominal cost. 



The only part of the Pacific "prO" Tool that may require adjustment is the priming arm.

1.  Adjustment of Horizontal Travel

This adjustment is made at the factory and normally will not need readjusting.  Should readjustment become necessary, proceed as follows:

A.  Loosen lock screw (OT-28), located in the end of the primer feed knob (OT-15).

B.  Operate lever to move ram to top of stroke, press primer arm to right as for priming and lower ram so that primer punch and cup protrude through hole in shell holder head.

C.  Thread knob clockwise or counterclockwise until punch and cup are in exact center of shell holder head primer hole.

D.  Lock knob in place by retightening knob lock screw.

2.  Adjustment of Auto Primer Feed

To obtain proper transfer of primer from primer feed to primer arm the primer seating punch must be adjusted to the correct height.

A.  Loosen primer feed lock nut (OT-13) and guide screw (OT-27) located in the center of the eccentric bushing in the rear of the frame.  Rotate priming arm so that primer punch and cup face the front of loader, (see Fig. #1).

B.  Bend paper clip as shown in Fig. #1 and thread punch up or down as necessary to locate top of cup slightly above centerline of primer feed stop pin (9-F26).  In this position, proper primer feeding should be accomplished.  Remove paper clip and return primer arm to normal upright position.  Retighten guide screw and primer feed lock nut.  NOTE:  Do not tighten guide screw to the point where it bears upon primer arm and prevents it from operating freely.

3.  When automatic priming is not desired, place stop screw in position as in Fig. #2, this will allow manual priming without further adjustment of primer arm.


Proper lubrication and keeping your loader clean and free of grit will insure long, trouble-free use of your reloader.  Before beginning each loading session wipe ram free of accumulated oil and grit by moving operating lever to place ram in full up position and cleaning with soft cloth dampened with lighter fluid, Hoppes #9 or other types of solvents.  Relubricate at indicated points (see Fig. #3) with a good grade of gun oil applied sparingly.


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