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    The Pacific DL-155 is the midway reloader of the three single stage presses.  The DL-155 is the affordable press that still gives you most, if not all of the features that you would find on the bigger presses.  It is capable of resizing brass, and can be equipped with a automatic primer feeder (APF).  I would compare this reloader to the MEC Sizemaster.  The DL-155 is a half moon style single stage, with the first stage depriming and resizing, the second repriming, the third is adding powder, wad, and shot, the fourth is the starting crimp, and the fifth is the final crimp. 

    The Pacific DL-155 was my first reloader.  I picked this one up at a gun show for $30.  I have seen them run from $19.99 to $76.  These are great reloaders that are built to last.  The DL-155 is perfect for someone who is either a beginner or a pro.  The APF speeds up the process greatly, and with just a flick of a lever, a new primer is ready for you to load

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Pacific DL-155 (APF) Shotshell Reloading Instructions


Setting up your 155

1.  Mount the 155 of a sturdy bench at a comfortable working distance, allowing plenty of room on both sides of the reloader for components you will be loading and for finished shells.  Connect the return spring between the operating lever and the die head casting.  Do not fill powder and shot hoppers at this time.

2.  Remove bolt at base of measure casting and lift off entire assembly.

3.  Turn measure casting assembly upside-down, remove charge bar stop pin, and slide charge bar from casting.  Install rubber measure seals (packed separately) into recesses below powder and shot hoppers.

4.  Install powder and shot bushings in charge bar as shown.  Slide the charge bar back into measure casting, making certain that the charge bar is not in reversed position.  (In the correct position, the shot bushing will be beneath the shot hopper and powder bushing will be beneath powder hopper.)  Replace charge bar stop pin.  IMPORTANT:  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD WITHOUT FIRST INSTALLING BUSHINGS.  BE SURE THAT CHARGE BAR IS NOT REVERSED.

5.  Replace entire assembly onto the 155 and secure with measured casting bolt.  Slide charge bar to full-left position.  Now fill hoppers, with powder in left hopper and shot in the right hopper.

Loading the first shell

Sort empty cases as to brand and type.  Inspect cases and discard those with cracks, loose base wads, or any other defect.  You will find it is best to load only one brand and type of shell at a time, so that you may use the same combination of components and loader adjustments without interruption.

The 155 has been factory adjusted, but some slight adjustment may be made necessary by variations in the components you are using.

If you have the APF (Automatic Primer Feed) model, fill the primer tube with primers, using the Pacific Primer Tube Filler.


1.  Insert empty shell case into die.

2.  Lower operating handle to full stop.  This resizes and deprimes the case.  Raise handle fully and shell will be ejected from die.

(All reloading operations end on the positive stop that occurs when the resize die touches the base casting.  Therefore, adjustment of this die affect adjustment of all other dies.  When properly adjusted, resize die should lightly touch base casting when operating lever is fully lowered.


1.  If you are loading with the 155 APF, transfer primer to Primer Seating Pad by operating Primer Feed as shown.  With standard 155, manually place primer base down in center of Primer Seating Pad.

2.  Fit shell over primer seating punch.

3.  Lower operating lever to full "down" position.  This seats new primer (primer seating pressure may be adjusted by loosening the lock nut and turning the Primer Seating Punch to raise or lower it.)


1.  Place shell under wad guide and lower operating lever.

2.  While holding operating lever down, move charge bar fully to right.  This drops measured amount of powder into shell case.  Raise operating lever.

3.  If you are using one-piece shot protect or wads (such as Pacific Versalite wads) fit wad over powder/shot drop tube before lowering handle.  If using fiber wads, place directly in wad guide.  Seat wad by lowering the operating lever to full stop.  Wad pressure may be read while operating lever is fully lowered.  (Wad pressure may be adjusted by raising or lowering drop tube.)

4.  Raise handle slightly and move charge bar fully to left.  This drops a measured amount of shot into shell case.  (NOTE:  There should be about 1/2" to 9/16" between the shot and the mouth of the case for proper crimping.  If measurement is otherwise, you may be using the wrong combination of components.)


1.  Place shell in shell holder at station 4.

2.  Lower operating lever to full stop.  This starts the crimp.


1.  Slide shell into shell holder at station 5.

2.  Lower handle to full stop.  This completes the crimp, while resizing and tapering the shell to proper dimensions.  (NOTE:  Adjustment may be made by loosening the die body lock nut and threading the entire die up or down to change the amount of taper.  Crimp depth can be adjusted by loosening the lock nut on the crimp plunger and threading the crimp plunger up or down.)

3.  The finished shell.


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