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Operating Instructions

The Pacific DL-360 Powermatic II coverts the DL-360 from manual operation to smooth, tireless hydraulic power.  Installation of your DL-360 on the hydraulic power.  Installation of your DL-360 on the hydraulic unit is simple and easy. 

1.  Loosen allen head set screw in the right-hand end of DL-360 pivot shaft and remove operating lever.

2.  Loosen allen head set screw in drive coupling and remove  two DL-360 mounting bolts from wooden base.

3.  Align pivot shaft with drive coupling and remove two DL-360 mounting bolts from wooden base.

4.  Tighten allen head set screw in drive coupling firmly.  Insert and tighten the two DL-360 mounting bolts.

5.  Lubricate cylinder shaft gear rack at two spring ball oilers.  Lubricate loader guide posts with light film of Lubriplate or light oil.

6.  Remove plug in top center of power unit and replace with the attached breather.  Plug must be replaced before unit is transported to prevent loss of hydraulic fluid.  CAUTION:  It is absolutely necessary that the plug is removed and the breather is installed when unit is in operation.  Failure to remove plug can cause serious damage to the hydraulic pump.  Check hydraulic fluid level in power unit by removing tiller plug in top of reservoir end of pump.  Fluid level should just cover the plate visible under the filler plug or approximately 1 1/4" below the upper edge of the filler plug hole.  Use only Pacific PM-150 hydraulic fluid in this unit.  Use of other types of fluid can cause gumming of valves and unsatisfactory performance.

7.  Make sure switch is in the off position and plug power cord into any 100 volt outlet adequately wired for 15-18 amp. constant current draw and fused to handle 30 amp. starting loads.  CAUTION:  Extension cords should be avoided when possible.  If extension cord is necessary, it must be of #12 wire or heavier and as short as possible.  In no case should extension cord be over 50 ft. of serious overloading of the motor may result.

8.  Turn switch to on position and allow unit to run for approximately one minute while all hydraulic connections are checked for leaks.  Without shot or powder in hoppers, cases in loader platen or primer in automatic primer feed, operate loader several times to make sure that functioning is smooth and free from binding and to get the feel of the hydraulic control.  Operation is performed by pulling lever on operating valve toward you.  When platen has reached full up position, allow handle to return to neutral position.  Platen will remain in the up position.  Return platen to full down position by pressing lever on operating valve to the rear and holding until platen travels to the full down, then release handle.  Platen travel may be stopped at any time during either upward or downward travel by releasing operating valve lever. 

9.  Follow loading procedure as set forth in the DL-360 loader operating instructions, using hydraulic power to replace manual operation of the tool.  


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