The Pacific Gunsight company opened its doors in the early 1920ís at 353 Hays St, San Francisco, Calif. About 1953 they moved to 2901 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, Calif. Pacific was then sold to R.R. Deitemeyer of DL Products Co maker of Deitemeyer shotshell loaders. The tool colors changed to blue with the move from California to P.O. Box 4495 Lincoln, Nebraska in 1960. While in Lincoln, Pacific tools were made by Bair Machine Company until there was a parting of the ways in 1969. This resulted in Bair offering the same Pacific tools under their own name. In 1972 the company name was changed to Pacific Tool Company while the address remained the same. In 1974 came another change, the address was moved to P.O. Drawer 2048, Ordnance Plant Rd., Grand Island, Nebraska. Pacific was now a part of Hornady. By 1992 the Pacific name had been dropped as Hornady began offering reloading tools under its own name.

Way back in 1928, Pacific introduced the world's first 'C' -frame reloading press.  This was the start of today's concept of reloading.  And later Pacific followed with many other innovations - like the 7/8" x 14 dies now used throughout the industry, the universal primer arm, and the removable head shell holders - that established Pacific as the leader in making rifle/pistol cartridge reloading easier and better.  In shotshell reloading, it's been the same story.  Pacific was first with a complete shotshell reloading manual, first with a built-in wad guide, and first with many other pace-setting innovations.  And Pacific's revolutionary DL-200 (forerunner of the DL-266) probably did more than any other loader to popularize shotshell reloading in this country.


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