My name is Jeremy Tally and I am currently a student at Kansas State University.  I fell in love with Pacific reloaders during my Junior year in High School when I purchased my first reloader, my DL-155.  After purchasing the reloader, I realized that there was no information available for the Pacific Tool Company and Pacific Gun Sight Co. lines anywhere on the internet.  So, from that day on, I knew that I wanted to make a website for all the people like me who needed information but didn't know where to find it.  My obsession started with my DL-155, and has not spread to my DL-105, DL-266, and DL-110.  I am always looking for reloaders to buy, but since I am to be married in August, cash runs short.  But that still does not stop me from finding any information to help my visitors.  I don't consider myself an expert on the Pacific line, but I am probably the closest you will find.  Hopefully someday, I will become the expert.  I can tell you know that the people at Hornady, no matter how nice and helpful they are, are not in any way experts of the Pacific reloaders.  When I called in for the owners manuals for the reloaders, I got a lot of pauses and questions if that reloader actually exists.  But don't be afraid to call them and ask anyway.  They do have a few parts available, but very few if I am correct.  I hope that my website helps you out, and if there is any questions that you might have, I will gladly respond to it.  Thank you for using my site, and good luck with your Pacific reloader.


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